My very first Arts Teacher, Mr V, said to me “Donald, with your mind energizing your fingers you can be like God”. I smiled, shrugged and carried on picking my nose.

Now I understand a little more than what he said. God is creative. His creative powers are exemplified when we create.

I want you to know that. I want you to experience that.

Thus I have created a platform to help color your life a little bit differently. It is an online catalog of A-Z creative gospel storys that will be converted to comics, cartons, series and movies

Sleeickstorys writes tomorrow’s storys in today’s words.


So, check out;

Series like The Great Divide, Tara and the Magic Letter Box, God Bless The Day I Met You, The Orientation under SERIES

One Shot stories like Tope In Murphy’s Law, For Women, or men, Only in ONE SHOTS

Reviews for books like The Fault In Our Stars, Bridge To Haven in REVIEWS

Materials that are sure to cause you to experience intentional growth in RESOURCES

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The author, Donald Tombia, is a writer who has and is writing for a variety of sources both online (,, and print (CrossWords, SunRise UK, The Future Today, Matrix) media. He is married to his lovely wife, with h and lives in Lagos state, Nigeria.